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America’s first Siamese cat

Here is a story about a delivery Wells Fargo & Co.’s Express made to the White House in 1879. President Rutherford B. Hayes and First Lady Lucy Webb Hayes already owned two dogs, a goat, and a mockingbird when the… Continue reading

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Yay, bilingualism!

My co-workers and I had a great time this past weekend at the National Book Festival in Washington D.C.! Wells Fargo sponsored the History and Biography tent, and we had a large area in the Let’s Read America tent. Both… Continue reading

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Book Festival a success!

Wells Fargo historians were very busy in Washington D.C. last weekend, at the National Book Festival. We had an amazing time! We did readings and history activities at two Wells Fargo zones, and were happy to see so many interested… Continue reading

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Russian language option at ATMs

Wells Fargo serves a large community and we are cognizant of our responsibility to offer convenient service to our diverse group of customers. Last month, ATMs began to offer a French language option. Well, we have also been studying Russian,… Continue reading

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Curious coincidences

Life is full of interesting coincidences. (One of our museum assistants just experienced one.) My friend’s parents are named Mario and Maria, his girlfriend’s parents are Rafael and Rafaela, and he and his girlfriend also share the same name. Two… Continue reading

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“Docents with style”

We recently received a packet in the mail addressed to “Connie and Ileana, Docents With Style.” It was a packet of thank you letters from an elementary school class that recently came on a tour of our museum. I gotta… Continue reading

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New stuff for you

Here at Wells Fargo, our History Department has recently been working on a new exhibit, and on revamping our website. It’s been very fun and exciting seeing our ideas materialize, so I want to share all of these new resources… Continue reading

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Something that has always struck me when reading about the Civil Rights Movement is the courage of those individuals who fought for equal rights under such dangerous circumstances. (I wonder if I would have been as brave as they were… Continue reading

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Mrs. Shore’s loss is women’s gain

When was the last time you lost $2,150? And because of a hole—not in your pocket, but in your stocking! The Wells Fargo History Museum in San Francisco recently opened a new exhibit, “Women Making Financial History.” It interprets the… Continue reading

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Picture this: It’s 1886, you’re a restaurant owner in Aguascalientes, Mexico, and you need a new refrigerator. (Yes, they had them! Not your Frigidaire  or anything, but they had them.) You would especially like one of the latest, most efficient… Continue reading

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