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Stock(ing)s and Bond(ing)s

Being a connoisseur of mid-20th Century clothing —and with spring fast approaching—I have been spurred to begin wearing some of my more authentic ensembles. It may also have something to do with the fact that our museum here in Minneapolis just… Continue reading

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The Man Who Signs His Name

Continuing our study of the Wells Fargo Messenger, I want to look at an article from the operating officers  that addresses the submission of anonymous letters to the Messenger. As a publication actively seeking submissions from 35,000 express employees, you… Continue reading


Wells Fargo Messenger

The Wells Fargo Messenger is a familiar sight to many. Not only do we see examples of this monthly company magazine in the history museums, but their diverse cover art is seen all over many Wells Fargo office buildings, as… Continue reading

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Lock In Your Vote

We have a Diebold safe here in the Minneapolis Wells Fargo History Museum, that consistently draws the attention of young and old alike. Our fourth graders are especially excited to try to crack the safe for all of the gold… Continue reading


Donaldson’s Department Store

With all of the interest surrounding the 25th anniversary of the Northwestern National Bank fire, there were a lot of questions about the beginnings of the blaze. When asked about it, most people say it started in the old Donaldson’s … Continue reading


Traveling in Comfort?

Whenever visitors enter a Wells Fargo History Museum, they are inevitably drawn the Concord Stagecoach. Most are disbelieving when they hear that 18 passengers were packed in and on top of the coach, and their curiosity only grows when they… Continue reading