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Veterans and the Golden Gate Bridge

Earlier this year we celebrated the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary in San Francisco. During the Memorial Day Weekend celebration, the battleship USS Iowa was towed under the bridge, bound for her new home as a museum ship in Los… Continue reading

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Henry Wells

Henry Wells was born in Thetford, Vermont, in 1805. He didn’t enter the industry that was to make his name part of one of the most valuable brands in the world until he was 36 years old. It didn’t take… Continue reading

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California’s first city

Sacramento began as the dream of a Swiss pioneer named Johan Sutter who, depending on what story you believe, was an adventurer and entrepreneur or a fraud and a swindler. When Sutter arrived in Northern California in 1840 he became… Continue reading

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Last outpost of the Buffalo Soldiers

The origin of the term “Buffalo Soldiers” has several versions. The term refers to the US Army’s African American cavalry units formed after the Civil War. More than likely, it originated with Native Americans who fought fierce battles against black… Continue reading

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Pearl Harbor and the Pacific War

Seventy years ago on December 7, the Japanese launched a devastating air raid on United States military installations on the island of Oahu. The attack on Hawaii was the beginning of a coordinated Japanese offensive throughout Asia and the Pacific…. Continue reading

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