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Happy Father’s Day!

George Crockett took seriously his role as Wells Fargo Agent. Austin, Nevada was  a supply, transport and communications center for a large mining region. Crockett became Wells Fargo’s express and stage agent in 1864, and continued the work for two … Continue reading

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Money Lessons

It’s said that you learn to swim by swimming. By this logic I would think that you learn to save by saving, or learn about banking by banking. Wells Fargo participates in Teach Children to Save Day next week, and here at … Continue reading

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Pat Patterson (Part 3)

In this story of Pat Patterson—civil rights pioneer and Wells Fargo banker—I told in Part 1 and Part 2 about his role in the 1960 lunch counter sit-ins in Greensboro, North Carolina. (Sharon) In an oral interview from 1989, with … Continue reading

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Modern legacy

History can be a contradiction. Sometimes we discover things that motivate and inspire us; other times, we find cool facts to wow and amaze friends at parties. And, sometimes we uncover things that make us think again. The cool thing … Continue reading

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Pat Patterson (part 2)

Last week, I began the story of Robert “Pat” Patterson and his role in non-violent civil rights action in Greensboro, North Carolina. Sit-ins were held throughout the South, and the effort integrated lunch counters—at Woolworth’s in Greensboro, and other stores… Continue reading

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Pat Patterson

You may not know his name, but you’ve probably seen his face. His name is Robert “Pat” Patterson. His picture was in magazines and newspapers throughout the country as he sat patiently waiting to be served at a lunch counter… Continue reading

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Fifteen thousand miles by stage

Heather Andolina is a Museum Assistant in Charlotte, N.C. A historian at heart, Heather earned a B.A. in History from Thomas More College and an M.A. in History from Winthrop University. She is one of a myriad of Buckeyes who… Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! College football is back, tennis is on serve, the links are calling. Celebrate Labor by not laboring!… Continue reading

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