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Wells Fargo celebrates Fiesta Las Vegas

Each year, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 – October 15 to recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States. This year we kicked off the celebrations by participating in the Fiesta Las Vegas … Continue reading

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History defined: Mother Lode

I get a lot of interesting questions from visitors to our San Francisco Wells Fargo History Museum. During a recent tour for a group of fourth graders, one parent asked me, “Where does the term ‘Mother Lode’ come from?” Although … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo ExpressSend® service

The Wells Fargo ExpressSend® service is a trusted and affordable way to send money to family and friends in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Philippines, India, Vietnam, or China.  Convenient and reliable, ExpressSend® … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo and Hispanic Heritage

Wells Fargo has served and employed Latinos since its founding in 1852. Wells Fargo’s people, places and business extended from the old ranchos of California, the rail lines of an emerging modern Mexico, and offices throughout Central America and the… Continue reading

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Recipe for remembrance

Joycee Wong has this follow-up to her post last month about Dia de los Muertos, its uses, you might say, and its importance. And with Thanksgiving next week, it speaks to us on several other levels, too. (CR) Ingredients: 1… Continue reading

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Life in the cemetery

Joycee Wong is a Curator at our San Francisco History Museum. Last year at this time — Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations — Joycee reflected on the hope and light one finds in darker issues of mortality. She… Continue reading

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Buen Hispanic Heritage Month!

Today, Hispanic Heritage Month begins. It’s when we enjoy the many gifts we’ve gotten over the centuries — language, food, music, art, friendships. Intelligence. Beauty. The Wells Fargo Archives recently acquired this image, a postcard sent in 1948, showing the… Continue reading

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Mochila, mochilla…let’s call the whole thing off!

2010 marks the 150th Anniversary of the legendary Pony Express that transported mail in a lightning fast ten days from Missouri to California back in 1860-1861. Wells Fargo operated a portion of the Pony Express in 1861, so in preparation… Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo en San Diego

The highlight in Old Town San Diego every year, at least in terms of visitors and stagecoach rides, is the yearly Cinco de Mayo celebration. Over the years — and this year marked the 19th year I have participated in… Continue reading

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A busy May

May is a busy month. You got: Asian Pacific Heritage Month Cinco de Mayo Jewish-American Heritage Month National Older Americans Month Women’s Health Month And Memorial Day at the end of the month, celebrating our Veterans. This is a month… Continue reading

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