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Guy O. Gwyn

In 1903, Guy O. Gwyn was an ambitious 20-year-old from Litchfield, Illinois, when he heard of an exciting business opportunity out west. He jumped at the chance to work for “a good outfit,” Wells Fargo. Gwyn started off as a … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo is proud to celebrate Pride

June is here and that means it’s LGBT Pride month. Wells Fargo participates in over 50 Pride celebrations each year supporting many LGBT organizations including GLSEN and the Trevor Project. Our team members are proud to work together with Wells … Continue reading


Kicking baseball season off in Cincinnati

April 6 kicked off baseball season and over the past week and a half baseball fans have flocked to stadiums across America for Opening Day games. Wells Fargo was feeling the spirit and once again we took our stagecoach to … Continue reading

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Women’s Month: Charlene Lane, stagecoach driver

Women’s history month comes to a close today and we’d like to end it with a celebration of another one of our female stagecoach drivers, Charlene Lane. Charlene got her start with the program through her husband George, who also … Continue reading

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Women’s Month: Georgia Cartwright, stagecoach driver

Yesterday kicked off Women’s History Month and we’d like to begin the month by highlighting one of the women who drives for our Stagecoach Appearance Program team. Georgia has been driving for the program for about 12 years now and … Continue reading

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The art of the Stagecoach

It was once referred to as a “Cradle on Wheels.” Some call it a “wagon” (incorrectly!) Either way, the “Concord Coach” is certainly a beautifully hand-crafted, 19th century, formative means of American transportation. In Wells Fargo’s San Francisco History Museum, … Continue reading

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Discovering a Delaware anniversary

Alyssa Bentz, Wells Fargo Historian, is from Delaware; she grabbed this story from the inbox before any of of even saw it! All yours, Alyssa… (CR) Being a Delaware expatriate, imagine my surprise and delight when we serendipitously found a … Continue reading

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Load a stagecoach for yourself in Minneapolis!

Visitors to the Wells Fargo History Museum in Minneapolis like to imagine how different things were in the early years of Wells Fargo. One of the easiest places to experience that difference is our replica stagecoach. Visitors are invited to climb … Continue reading

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Fly it high!

June 14th is Flag Day.  That year in 1777 Congress gave some scant directions aimed at establishing a national banner: Resolved, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be … Continue reading

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Phoenix PRIDE

Danielle Anderson is a Marketing specialist with the Wells Fargo Stagecoach Appearance Program. She has lived in California all her life, and vows to never leave. When not working, Danielle is shopping, reading, or exploring all that the Bay Area … Continue reading

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