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Wells Fargo and PPIE

After a brief closing, the Wells Fargo History Museum at our San Francisco headquarters reopens to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. The special exhibit tells the story of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) and Wells … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo starting e-commerce

Over the recent holiday season, cyber-shoppers spent billions of dollars on merchandise purchased online. And while it seems that the option of “click and buy” has been around forever, making purchases via the internet has been available, in reality, for … Continue reading

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Second of Exchange: When Business is History

Recently Historical Services received a research request from team member John Sipple with Wells Fargo Wealth Management, who was interested in knowing more about a set of documents he owns, including an 1862 Second of Exchange and a personal letter.  As someone who … Continue reading

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Y2K: 15 years later

Fifteen years ago this month, our world stood poised on the brink of disaster, braced for the breakdown of civilized society as we knew it…. or not. This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of Y2K — the Year 2000 Problem, a computer programming … Continue reading

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Washington statehood

November was the 125th anniversary of Washington’s statehood when Congress passed legislation enabling Washington to become a state. The road to statehood patriotically began on July 4, 1889, when 75 elected representatives gathered in Olympia and drafted a state constitution … Continue reading

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Don’t lose your head: Too Many Springfields

In honor of the Halloween and this season of all things ghostly, ghoulish, and macabre, today’s entry is a little different; it involves a package delivered to the wrong city, and a murder investigation! You can see an earlier post … Continue reading

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Here, there, everywhere

As much as I love rich mountain scenery, with green forests and sky blue lakes, I am equally fascinated with desert scenery. What may appear as austere is actually filled with beauty, is where the hardiest have learned to survive. … Continue reading

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Gold in that Treasure Box!

Since 1852, Wells Fargo has provided convenient financial service. If a customer wanted to send cash—gold coin or currency—Wells Fargo made space in the treasure box, and issued a Money Receipt. The company collectively referred to gold, silver, and gold … Continue reading

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Smart about Credit

A recent Wells Fargo survey shows that one-third of Americans worry more about finances than health. So just like regular medical check-ups, regular reviews of your credit can help keep you financially healthy. More about this at the Wells Fargo … Continue reading

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Explosive Summer Movies

Every summer it seems that Hollywood does its best to get audiences excited about the latest “Summer Blockbuster.”  I, like many of you, love a great summer action movie.  Car chases, catch phrases and over the top explosions are some of … Continue reading

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