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A toast to Meridian

Working in the Wells Fargo Corporate Archives brings new surprises every day.  While digging through a recently-delivered box of ephemera, I came across two small cardboard boxes that made an unexpected sloshing sound.  I opened them to find two mini-bottles … Continue reading

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Stagecoach ahoy!

We’ve been clueing you in on this all week. “Where’s the Stagecoach?” is your ticket to excitement and fabulous gifts. That is, if, like me, you consider churros fabulous. (They’re definitely a gift!) Tomorrow, May 12, the Wells Fargo Stagecoach… Continue reading

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Where’s the Stagecoach?

As I described Monday, the Wells Fargo Stagecoach will appear at a San Francisco location—as yet undisclosed—on Saturday. This is part of the Golden Gate Bridge 75th anniversary celebration. “Where’s the Stagecoach?” is a simple premise. We have a coach… Continue reading

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We have a Sweepstakes winner!

Today—just a few hours ago, in fact!—in Bordentown, N.J., lucky Joseph H. was announced as winner of our Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary sweepstakes. He is stationed at McGuire AFB, and entered our sweepstakes at an ATM. Congratulations, Airman! On… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo: 160 years

On March 18, Wells Fargo celebrates our 160th birthday. On that date in 1852, Henry Wells and William Fargo, along with other investors and Directors, signed the Articles of Incorporation at the tony Astor House on Broadway in New York… Continue reading

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Good call

Imagine your life without a telephone. No, really. Consider how incredibly different each day would be if you were unable to communicate instantly with your friends, family, co-workers and telemarketers. Okay, well maybe not telemarketers, but you understand where I’m… Continue reading

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Hello New York!

Hello New York events are in full gallop! Last Friday, was Wells Fargo’s 159th anniversary, and we’re celebrating by hosting activities around Manhattan. Wachovia’s New York financial centers are now Wells Fargo banking stores, and we have stagecoach rides, presentations… Continue reading

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GBH at 5

On March 13, 2011, yesterday, we marked our fifth anniversary here at Guided by History. It’s been fun! Anniversaries with 5s and 0s are the ones with the most distinction, though that’s really not as important as we think. I… Continue reading

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Pony Express riders

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express, I can only imagine what riders endured to deliver the mail over 1,840 miles of harsh conditions, difficult terrain, and unwelcome situations. Who were these Pony Express riders, and what… Continue reading

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Katrina + 5

It was 5 years ago this weekend that Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast and became the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history. It also claimed nearly 2,000 lives. Katrina occurred at the height of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season…. Continue reading

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