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Wear sunscreen

“Wear sunscreen!” This common summertime refrain echoes from the throats of parental figures, lifeguards and dermatologists everywhere, especially now as we slide further into the dog days of the season.  The phrase is also widely remembered as the opening salvo from Mary Schmich’s imaginary commencement speech that … Continue reading

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Money Lessons

It’s said that you learn to swim by swimming. By this logic I would think that you learn to save by saving, or learn about banking by banking. Wells Fargo participates in Teach Children to Save Day next week, and here at … Continue reading

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“Take charge”

General Norman Schwarzkopf passed away a couple weeks ago. Schwarzkopf was a highly decorated and successful military commander. After leading American forces to a rapid victory in the Gulf War in 1991, Schwarzkopf was greeted at home with immense popularity…. Continue reading

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More new (old) stuff!

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the Wells Fargo Corporate Archives receives new material from around the company, almost daily. We Archivists are happy to show off these materials from predecessor banks that have joined Wells Fargo. Here are… Continue reading

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Roll of Honor

The Wells Fargo Archives recently processed materials from Connecticut. These historical items are from the Stamford Trust Co., which eventually rolled into First Union and then Wachovia Bank. This poster was part of the yield: The five soldiers shown were… Continue reading

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As I recollect…

Last week, I wrote that we need your content. That is, we will open our tenth museum next fall in Charlotte. We are committed to honoring the long heritage Wachovia Bank has in the region, as well as presenting the… Continue reading

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South Carolina’s Senior Bank, part 2

In my last post, I recounted how Bank of Charleston (South Carolina) emerged from the defunct Second Bank of the United States as a strong local bank. But the institution had deep holdings of Confederate debt. To survive, Bank of… Continue reading

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South Carolina’s Senior Bank, part 1

I guess it is official — I’ve got the historian bug. Over the past couple of years, to increase my knowledge of banking history, I’ve acquired several books that document it. Many are commissioned by the banks themselves as they… Continue reading

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The end of one era and continuation of another

Several of my past articles have focused on firsts: the first national bank in California, the first national bank on the West Coast, and so on. Today we’re recognizing the historic change that took place behind the scenes to our… Continue reading

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