What’s your 2.0 version?

As I celebrate Women’s History Month, I am reminded of a recent event I attended with a group of women and the topic of reinventing yourself, improving yourself, came up.  It got us thinking about what is our next version of ourselves?  I often think about the person who has worked in a traditional corporate environment who all of sudden goes out on their own.  What is it that helps them make the move to running a small business?  What inspires the stay-at-home mom to build her own business that starts as a part-time venture and grows into a passion?  Or the person who is working for a company and decides they can do it better on their own?  Do these women who throw themselves into the world of being a business owner have some revelation? Decide to step outside of their comfort zone with courage?

A case of small business owner envy

We all know the entrepreneur in our life that, from the moment he/she was born, was never going to work for someone else and always had ideas of things to make or sell.  What is intriguing is the person who finds it in the 2.0 version of themselves.

Before I go on I have to admit that for years now I have had a severe case of “small business owner envy”.  So while attending this event of about 20 women, I was only one of two in the room that was not a business owner.   Every single person was talking about taking her business to the next level or even selling one business and starting a new one.  I did not, nor have I ever, heard a small business owner state that she would go back to working for a company again.

small-business-ownerCreating a 2.0 version of yourself

In my world, I see business owners as superheroes, willing to take risks, courageous, creating jobs, products, services for humankind and willing to go where many of us have never gone before.

So my curiosity caused me to seek out version 2.0 small business owners and learn what similarities and differences they have.  How did they make it work, what mistakes did they make, and most importantly if you or someone you know is thinking about going into business what lessons could they share that would be helpful?

Tools that may help

Even though I have small business owner envy, I appreciate how fortunate I am to be a part of an organization like Wells Fargo that is committed to helping entrepreneurs with every step of starting, running, and growing their businesses.  We have a dedicated website providing small business owners with the education and financial tools to help them reach their goals for financial success.  So, what’s your 2.0? Send me a message. I’d love to hear from you.

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