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Dealing with rising health care costs

Over a recent weekend, I had the chance to spend time with my college roommates. It is hard to believe that we all came together as a close knit unit over 25 years ago. We spent the weekend reminiscing about … Continue reading

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Keeping calm in times of crisis

Last Spring was super hectic for our family. It started with a major surgery for my Mom and then planning for who was going to care for her while she recovered. I am happy to say six months later, she … Continue reading

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Five quick tips to manage stress

I was recently serving on a panel and someone asked me, “How do you manage getting through stressful situations?”  I was asked this in the context of running my business and being a leader; however, I think it could apply … Continue reading

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Embracing and enjoying the milestones

Recently, we celebrated my son Joey’s 15th birthday. Not surprisingly, he shared that he wanted to spend his birthday with his friends. We agreed to let him have some friends over if we could then celebrate his special day as … Continue reading

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What’s your 2.0 version?

As I celebrate Women’s History Month, I am reminded of a recent event I attended with a group of women and the topic of reinventing yourself, improving yourself, came up.  It got us thinking about what is our next version … Continue reading

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What every parent should know about the college planning years

As we settle into 2014, I have been reflecting how quickly time is passing and how my children are growing up.  I think of our family traditions and a new one we added to our year-end holiday traditions in recent … Continue reading

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Everyone can make a difference and serve

Like many Americans, my family and I observed the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday this year.  I really like that the focus of this holiday includes participating in volunteer events in service to others.  It is a great time to … Continue reading

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Quality living in the golden years

I first met the sisters of Santa Teresita when our family moved to Los Angeles and multiple people asked me to spend some time with them.  I must admit I was at first a little uncertain.  When I met these … Continue reading

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Kicking off the Thanksgiving season with an attitude of gratitude

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving.  It is a time when most of us reflect on what is most important in our lives and when we take the time to express our gratitude.  It is also a time when … Continue reading

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Appreciating and Saving for what we want

My money buddy, Stacy, and I were discussing how to make our kids genuinely appreciate all that they have. When we were growing up, you had to wait for things and waiting created excitement and let your mind imagine what … Continue reading

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