Mobile-first strategy makes deposits a snap for businesses

Are you old enough to remember a time when you had a faster computer and internet connection at your office than you did at home? I am! But nowadays, many of our business customers experience the opposite: They have better technology in their pockets and in their living rooms than in their offices.

Because of this trend, we’re thinking mobile-first — coming up with ways to harness the power of smartphones and tablets so businesses can spend less time managing their finances and more time serving their customers.

Wells Fargo's CEO Mobile service.

Wells Fargo’s CEO Mobile service.

I manage Wells Fargo’s business and commercial banking customer portal, Commercial Electronic Office®, or CEO® for short. In 2007, Wells Fargo was the first to launch a mobile-optimized banking service for commercial and corporate customers called CEO Mobile®, and that was the same year that the iPhone came out!

Since then, with the explosive growth of smartphones, our mobile banking platform has expanded and the number of users has grown rapidly. Case in point: We had more than $1 billion in checks and money orders deposited through the CEO Mobile Deposit service in 2013 alone.

You may say, “OK, I get how a consumer deposits a check using the Wells Fargo Mobile app on their phone, but how do businesses deposit hundreds of checks at a time? How can they do that by snapping photos of so many checks?” The fact is we have businesses of all sizes that find CEO Mobile Deposit to be valuable.

For example, we have clients with employees who travel, and as they receive a single check payment at a customer visit, they can snap a photo of it using our iPhone app before they even leave the customer’s location. We’re soon going to launch the service for Android phones.

In addition to shrinking employees’ to-do lists, we also lighten the load for our customers’ accounting department and speed up their cash flow.

We continue to invest in technology and mobile innovations. Clients aren’t as tethered to their office desks. When they wake up, they can check their smartphone or tablet to make sure their finances are in order. They can get out of the office on time to enjoy time with family and friends — and still stay in touch when they need to.

I am looking forward to the day when the “office” is a gathering space for people to collaborate — and much of the “desk work” will happen in the cloud — whether we are at home, on the road, or in a conference room. Giving our clients choice and control over how they want to work and socialize, while aiding in their success, makes the customer experience even better.

About Secil

Secil Tabli Watson is head of Wholesale Internet Solutions where she leads the internet and mobile teams for Wholesale Banking, responsible for supporting nearly 90 distinct business applications. Secil also guides the strategic direction of the company’s award-winning Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) customer portal. Her team is committed to providing best-in-class online and mobile channel experiences and delivering innovative solutions to provide convenient and secure banking access to satisfy customer needs and deepen relationships.


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