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Paying for what we value

This is the fourth in a series of posts highlighting results from our Wells Fargo Retirement Study. Our 2010 Retirement Study was conducted to better understand the impact that the current economic environment has had on middle class Americans ranging… Continue reading

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Increase your retirement savings

Now that you’ve freed up some cash, let’s talk about the most effective ways for you to save more. First on the list—particularly in this economy—has to be establishing a solid emergency cushion: six (for two income families) to nine… Continue reading

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Shoring up your financial foundation

April’s tax filing deadline finds many of us focusing added attention on our finances this time of year. This makes right now a great time to shore up your financial foundation while personal finances are still top-of-mind. Below are five… Continue reading

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Cut your monthly bills, phone and wireless

Sometimes after I go through the process of developing a spending plan with someone I’m working with (if you missed this process go back and take a look at last week’s blog post) I hear that they’re having trouble making… Continue reading

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Making friends with my 401(k)

Old friends are often the best friends. Think about those who have been at your side through thick and thin, good times and bad. They probably hold a very special place among the relationships you’ve forged over the course of… Continue reading

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A budget, I mean, “spending plan”

Now that you know where your free cash is going—and I hope you’ll keep the exercise of tracking your spending going for the next few weeks or until you feel you have it under control—we can work on a budget… Continue reading

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When no actually meant no

Do you ever find yourself saying “yes” to one of your children when common sense and intuition are telling you “no” is a better answer? I’m not talking about the big things like allowing a new driver to hit the… Continue reading

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Following the money

Welcome to March! I hope you’re enjoying the blog and that, if you have questions, you’ll post them here so I can answer them and we can keep you on track. This month, we’re going to start with one of… Continue reading

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Financial date night

Valentine’s Day 2011 was my second wedding anniversary. Yeah! I’m settling into a routine and feel my life as a “plus one” is evolving quite nicely. Team Blakeney (a nickname I use for my family) has covered a lot of… Continue reading

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