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Safe harbors

One piece of advice that’s served me well over the years is to build a network of five safe harbors. I got this tip from someone I trust and deeply respect. He explained that captains of cruise ships have designated… Continue reading

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How the internet can save you big.

For me, the days of in-person comparison shopping have pretty much come and gone. And I’m not the only one. A new study from Pew Research Center found that more Americans—58%, compared to 49% in 2004—are performing online research about… Continue reading

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3 good reasons not to use your 401(k) to fill up your gas tank

Riding the elevator to a meeting recently, I overheard a conversation between two young men in their mid-20s expressing their dismay over endlessly rising gas prices. That’s certainly something we can all relate to. As one exited the elevator at… Continue reading

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Make the most of being a loyal customer

If you’re the same kind of loyal customer that I suspect you are a friend—the kind who shops the same supermarket, has a closet full of Ann Taylor or Banana Republic (but not both), and even flies the same airline… Continue reading

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What do Bloody Mary, a West Point professor, and Christie Turlington Burns have in common?

The answer? Reinvention. In May 2011, More hosted their first ever Reinvention Convention in Los Angeles and the city of lights did not disappoint. A stunning line-up of speakers and panelists from Good Morning America contributor and author Lee Woodruff… Continue reading

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Coupon like a pro

On a recent episode of TLC’s Extreme Couponing, one mom from Maryland bought $1,853 worth of groceries and paid … wait for it … $103. Commendable, yes, but also essentially a full-time job. Still, even if you don’t want to… Continue reading

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Graduating to a life of fiscal responsibility

As college students across the U.S. graduate, they feel prepared to take on many of life’s adult responsibilities. Unfortunately, managing their day-to-day finances isn’t necessarily one of them. According to the Financial Educators Council 24 percent of students and only… Continue reading

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How to lower the rest of your debt load

Cutting down debt is one of the best ways to get ahead if you’ve been living paycheck to paycheck or constantly feeling like you’re struggling just to keep up. Of course, eliminating debts like car loans and credit card balances… Continue reading

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Gracie awarded to Wells Fargo’s e-mag for women

If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit our online e-magazine designed exclusively for women I urge you to do so. We’ve received great feedback from site visitors and recently received a prestigious “Gracie” award in the category of Outstanding… Continue reading

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