Dorothy’s adventure in Oz

Wells Fargo and BlogHer “What is your relationship with money” contest winner – Rachael McCray.

I can easily compare my relationship with money to that of Dorothy’s adventure in Oz. I began safely at home, an ignorant dependent. I was eager to run away to financial independence. I ultimately found myself swept up by a cyclone of materialism and bad credit.

This is a photo with my  husband, Antwon.  We have been married for 10 years. He is my best friend and biggest fan. I thank God for him every day. He encouraged me to enter this contest. You see, I awoke in a colorful, fun world of unaccountable spending. I made new friends who were equally anxious to realize the joy of consumerism. We traveled the yellow brick road of good intentions, but ended up asleep in the poppy fields of squander.

My mother, the good witch, floated in and out of my journey. She offered friendly, wise financial advice. I didn’t listen. Instead, I ran from wicked creditors who sent flying monkeys of debt collection to retrieve their ruby slippers at a 27% interest rate.

With much help from above, I found my way to the Emerald City. I admired the pretty, painted horses of debt -free living. I met with the wizard and accepted my mission. I threw water in the face of greed. I confronted the man behind the curtain and clicked my own heels, awake with a new perspective.

While I can never truly go “home” to a care-free, dependent life, I can learn from my mistakes. Truth is, money has not been the root of happiness behind my life’s adventure. It has, however, been a tool used to teach me responsibility, self-control, and thankfulness. Money is no longer a “Golden Cap” of power over me.

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2 Responses to Dorothy’s adventure in Oz

  1. Bea Johnson says:

    Wow, I really like how you brought your financial situation to us all in a way that we could be able to relate to and most of us being famailiar with the characters in play. I really enjoyed your creative way of putiing it all in perspective.

  2. Gigi Villarante says:

    Great perspective and wonderfully written!

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