Why my relationship with money is like a good marriage.

Wells Fargo and BlogHer “What is your relationship with money” contest winner – Jillian Warner.

My relationship with money is like a good marriage: respectful, honest and sometimes just carefree and fun. I pick my battles and choose what things to focus on like growing my IRA, which I trade myself, amassing college savings for my daughter and paying off my mortgage well before my husband retires.

Much like love, I find money to be empowering, comforting and overwhelming all at the same time. When I’m planning financially, I try to make short term goals like taking advantage of a fantastic interest rate and refinancing a mortgage as well as long term ones like paying off a 30 year mortgage in less than 15 years.

One trick I’ll use to accomplish this is when my daughter enters Kindergarten I’ll put that tuition payment towards my mortgage, by doing this alone my payoff date will move up over 10 years!

I also think it is necessary to allow myself little indulgences along the way without feeling guilty, like a fabulous pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing for months or a weekend away with my husband using hotel loyalty points.

Just like in my actual marriage, I hope that building a solid foundation with my finances will allow me to have some fun with money while I’m still (sort of) young and plan well enough that I’ll have more than enough money around to help take care of me when I’m old.

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3 Responses to Why my relationship with money is like a good marriage.

  1. Anonymous says:

    that is fantastic advice, and stops a deadbeat husband from ruining your finances

  2. Kimberly says:

    What a fantastic essay! Well written, to the point and helpful to moms like myself. I need to work on my marriage, to my money, that is. Thank you!

  3. Mickey Warner says:

    What a wonderful way to design your financial goals and have some fun money left over. That was a very informative blog. I’ll pass it on to my friends. I know they’ll benefit from your advice.

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