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While we might all tire from telemarketers calling at dinner time to ask for dollars or our opinion, most of us welcome a call from a friend, family or colleague asking our opinion. I don’t reach out as often as I’d like but when I do I am struck by how easy and valuable it is. Getting a variety of perspectives before making a decision typically ensures a more holistic view of the options available. These decisions could be large financial ones like buying a house or establishing a will or it could be as simple as where to stay on vacation.

I see positives on both sides of “give me your opinion”. First when you ask someone for their opinion, you tell them you respect them and value their perspective. Think of a time when someone called you out of the blue and asked for your advice- didn’t you feel honored? Second, when you get different perspectives, you are more apt to have recognized a variety of options rather than jumping to a quick conclusion. I also find myself energized by those I connect with and that flows into my entire day not just impacting the topic at hand.

Do you have friends or colleagues that you reach out to on a regular basis? Have you offered any sage advice to others this week?

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  1. ycervantez says:

    OK I had n account n close it.. I tried talking to n adviser they said they would send me a packet. but never got my packet in the mail.. this was in Bedford tax now am in Abilene .. why is it when I go in banks the now nothing…. I go to controllers office the now nothing I call IRS nothing???? but yet I read all this ..

    • Melisa Schilling Melisa Schilling says:

      We apologize for the experience and would like to try to help. In order to assist, we need more information about the situation. For further assistance, send an email to with your full name, phone number, address, and any details (no account numbers) that would assist with our research or you may call 1-800-869-3557 to speak with an associate directly. Thanks.

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