Cooking up Your Financial Future

Planning a dinner starts with a first step and so does planning your financial future.

Planning a dinner starts with a first step and so does planning your financial future.

As a millennial I know how frustrating thinking about your financial future can be, especially when we’re struggling to get our financial present figured out. My brother, Morgan Castner, a Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Advisor, once said to me, “Chelsea, you can’t afford not to pay yourself first.” Okay, okay, I get it, but how do I start?

Getting clear about your retirement goal is the first step that sets the tone for all subsequent moves in planning your financial future, but this could very well be the step that’s tripping you up. It’s difficult to set a goal today for a change that’s likely 40 years away, especially since your future situation is unpredictable.

A strange analogy came to me while I was thinking about the retirement planning process. Every year for Thanksgiving dinner my mom buys the most gigantic Butterball turkey, unsure of how many guests will actually be sitting around our table. She’s already determined that her goal is to minimize her stress so she can enjoy the day, so buying a bigger bird is her action step to avoid the worry there won’t be enough. The results? Grateful, stuffed guests and enough leftovers to give her a break from the kitchen for the next few days.

If your retirement plan was your turkey, wouldn’t you want to be prepared for the extra guests who might show up unannounced to your retirement party dinner? It could be your spontaneous friend named Vacation or your dreaded second cousin Medical Bill. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a recipe that tells how long you have to cook your savings in order to enjoy a happy retirement meal, but what you can do is determine how you want to feel when you hit retirement.

As to not over complicate it, I would suggest simply writing down this sentence: “When I’m living in retirement I’m going to feel _______.” Use words like comfortable, free, liberated, spontaneous, calm, joyful, reassured, whatever comes to you. Then, ask yourself what will it take to feel that way. Will that mean trips all over the world? A second home at the beach? Having enough money to cover unexpected emergencies?

Next, play around with Wells Fargo’s online tool, My Retirement Plan, to figure out a ballpark figure to shoot for. It makes it easy, clear and fun (yes, I actually said fun) to calculate how much money you would need to be saving now in order to have your retirement dreams become reality.

Chelsea Castner

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Chelsea Castner is the creator of Just Ask Y. She looks forward to posting candid, proactive and practical advice that will help millennial Beyond Today readers start building long term relationships with their finances.
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