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The search for the perfect handbag

A handbag is so much more than a convenient way to carry our daily essentials – a handbag symbolizes our age-old desire to contain and control our lives. In an over-stimulating world, the perfectly sized bag, containing exactly what you… Continue reading

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The table of (more than) plenty

Wasn’t it in Jack & the Beanstalk where the giant sat at a magic table that kept replenishing the food, even as he ate? As we enter this season of guests, parties, feasts, and gatherings (not to mention the voracious… Continue reading

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The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker: who are your go-to experts?

No woman is an island, and as we manage our crazy-busy lives, we all rely on other people to keep us in order and help us save money. In the village days of yore, those service providers were once… Continue reading

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Junk room no more

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Gracious advice offered by the 19th Century designer and artist William Morris. Yet, almost every client I have ever worked with has… Continue reading

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Storage Wars: Is it worth the price?

Storage Wars is a suspenseful reality TV show in which people blindly bid on the contents abandoned (or seized) in self-storage lockers in the hope of finding items of value inside. When the locker doors are finally cut open–the… Continue reading

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Stop the high cost of holiday madness

Promises, promises, promises. Every year, you vow to control holiday expenses by getting things done early, yet inevitably end up doing the old 11th hour rite-of-season shuffle. You can’t believe you’re one of the people rushing to the mall… Continue reading

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Sleep better, perform better

Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream. If you have trouble settling down at night because your mind is racing, you need to first determine what is keeping you up at night. Are you trying to remember your to-do list for… Continue reading

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Time quicksand: Making extra money without spending a lot of time

Time is Money, as the saying goes, and in these uncertain economic times, more and more people are trying to figure out clever ways to supplement their income. Whether considering a second job, starting their own business, or reselling items… Continue reading

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Ye olde yard sale: Making it worth the effort

No matter the name you give it – Garage, Rummage, Tag, Yard, Estate, Moving or (shudder the thought) Junk sale – the act of shedding excess household belongings to clear space and generate cash is an age-old, fun tradition. But… Continue reading

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No more jewelry on the bathroom sink

Every woman’s had it happen to her: the necklace forgotten on a hotel bureau; a favorite earring lost during a spectacular night of dancing; a ring perched on the edge of the bathroom sink for just one millisecond….and down the… Continue reading

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