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Don’t overlook the value of your 401(k)

We know how 401(k)’s work. Money is pulled out of your paycheck before it ever lands in your bank account and, if you’re lucky, your company matches your contribution up to a certain percent and the money grows tax deferred … Continue reading

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Who Pays On The First Date?

Times have changed since I last dated. It’s no longer cut and dry when it comes to who pays on the first date. A few months ago Jean Chatzky wrote about “These days – who pays for the wedding?” In … Continue reading

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Tending to Your Financial Plan

Have you ever noticed how tending to your financial plan is a lot like tending to your garden? I have been in my new home for a few years now and I’ve worked really hard to make it a place … Continue reading

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Living on a budget

A while ago I wrote about the pain of having to start living by a budget in “Budget smudget.” Budgets are a necessary evil at certain times of life and it became a necessity for me. I was planning a … Continue reading

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Financial Advisors: A Big Step

I did it, I really did it! I found a Financial Advisor, and that’s a huge deal. I have been avoiding this step for a while now. I had the mindset that this was the most painful of the items… Continue reading

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Autism is a 6 letter word

April is National Autism Awareness Month, so we thought we’d show this post one more time. Sometimes blog ideas come to me in the strangest ways. The other day an idea came in the middle of a complete belly laugh… Continue reading

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America Saves Week – a little help with budgeting

If you have ever read one of my posts you know how I feel about following a budget. I believe in the concept, I can create a solid plan, but as soon as I see the limitations on my open … Continue reading

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Have you really thought about what your retirement will look like?

I have a friend I’ve spoken about her many times before. She gave up her life here in North Carolina to take a job up north, so she could start taking actual steps towards her retirement dream of a building … Continue reading

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Taxes on my own

In most relationships (hopefully) there is an equal split of the duties to keep the household running. From the day to day mundane indoor and outdoor chores to the more time consuming duties of paying the bills, investing and tax … Continue reading

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