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Financial counseling: A smart move for a newly blended family

When my husband recommended that we sign up for financial counseling, I didn’t blink. Why? Because when I need help getting in shape, I schedule a few sessions with my personal trainer without hesitation. I didn’t think twice about pre-marital … Continue reading

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Birds of a beautiful feather

Do you like to bake? There’s a blog for that. Want to improve your marriage? There’s a blog for that. Gone are the days where a blog is just an open journal representing the voice of one lone writer. Nowadays … Continue reading

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Passing the torch

I love the summer games! I have every since I knew what they were. I was so inspired by the 1984 Women’s Basketball team that I tried out for my junior high team only to find out that I was… Continue reading

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Staying the course

During a spring visit to my Mom’s, I watched as she floated about the kitchen gleefully preparing lunch. Her topic of choice was retirement, which at the time was only 90 days away. Her excitement was contagious. “I’m going to… Continue reading

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Focusing on my give

“This is Dr. Such-And-Such and I’m calling to tell you that your husband is going to be fine,” the doctor says in a stern there’s-no-need-to-go-freaking-out-woman tone. I frantically took notes but my brain started to fog over in spite of… Continue reading

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Her world in her hands

One day while visiting my mother, she excitedly showed me a sheet of paper. Printed on the paper was just a simple spreadsheet, but it was much more. It was her retirement plan. Down the left-hand side were her funding… Continue reading

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Changing with the times

One day while waiting at a red light, I noticed a man at the gas station on the corner, his shirt sporting the logo of that station. At his feet were white single-digit numbers on plastic blue cards, and in… Continue reading

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Safe harbors

One piece of advice that’s served me well over the years is to build a network of five safe harbors. I got this tip from someone I trust and deeply respect. He explained that captains of cruise ships have designated… Continue reading

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Mommy in my title

Two years ago I married a divorced father of two, and to quote my youngest stepdaughter, I now have “mommy in my title.” I’m now a stepmother. However, I’m not a fan of the title “stepmom,” mostly because it conjures… Continue reading

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