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Renee Brown is the Senior Vice President and Enterprise Social Media Leader for Wells Fargo. She looks forward to bringing her unique perspective to Beyond Today, addressing the challenges non-traditional families face, as well as the issues that bind us all.

Is healthy aging the oxymoron of our generation?

Is healthy aging the oxymoron of our generation? September was Healthy Aging month , and I found it a good time to take stock of my health discipline. For those of you in denial that you are aging at all, … Continue reading

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Is generosity in your genes?

I have always assumed that the American spirit of giving to those less fortunate was a consistent bond we all share. On a recent business trip I stumbled across an article from the Chronicle of Philanthropy that was shocking. This … Continue reading

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Money matters and other notes to my younger self

If I had the opportunity to give a note to my younger self with life lessons on it, I would start with financial advice. First, I’d encourage her to engage with money matters as soon as possible and, also, to … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Rights: In Sickness and in Health

What a difference just a few weeks makes for an issue in the media! First we had North Carolina pass a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage in addition to the current law banning marriage for my family. Then the… Continue reading

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Difficult Conversations – Talking Money with Your Spouse or Partner

It seems like most all work days involve difficult conversations I would rather not have…. coaching an employee for bad behavior, telling a vendor they are not performing, sharing news people would rather not know, and making decisions that select … Continue reading

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When is your child ready for social? 10 questions to consider

As we celebrate Social Media week, I share one of the most common questions I receive from audiences on social: what is that magic age where you release your child into the social-sphere? I hate to break it to you, … Continue reading

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Preteen money moment

Several weeks ago I was balancing a work day with taking care of my 10-year-old who was not in school at the time and my partner was caring for her mother. So, the day started with my daughter enjoying my … Continue reading

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The price of priceless memories

The summer of 2013 was an amazing one of new travels and milestones. As our family is intentionally shifting our investments from “things” to “experiences” we learned much on our journeys this summer. So, what does the typical American household … Continue reading

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When to look fear in the face

Humans have an innate ability to focus on some things and ignore others for survival. This ability to compartmentalize can be both very healthy and not so healthy. In situations that strike fear in your soul, it can be healthy … Continue reading

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Let’s Celebrate NCOD

So, what does October 11th mean to you? It has always had a positive meaning for me because it is my mother’s birthday. It also is a lovely time of year – Fall colors, football season, the crisp colors, Halloween … Continue reading

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