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Do top ten lists influence your buying decisions?

As an author, I know how important top-ten lists are. But you don’t have to be a writer to understand the relevance of these rankings — in fact, as a consumer, they’re just as important. If you’ve ever shopped on … Continue reading

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Are you comparing yourselves to others?

Be honest: How often do compare yourself to others? Maybe it’s something small, like the fact that the neighbor had his or her front porch painted and now yours looks shabby in comparison. Or a co-worker got a few new … Continue reading

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Your opinion counts

While we might all tire from telemarketers calling at dinner time to ask for dollars or our opinion, most of us welcome a call from a friend, family or colleague asking our opinion. I don’t reach out as often as … Continue reading

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More people are afraid of investing in the stock market than they are of dying

Are you afraid of spiders? Clowns? Or maybe your fear is something you encounter regularly, like public speaking or using the elevator? Or perhaps, like the majority of respondents in a recent study, these frightening things pale in comparison to … Continue reading

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A few good financial lessons for children at every age

What do you think is the ideal age to start teaching your kids about money? If you’re thinking junior high or high school — and I’m sure many of you are — you may be late to the game. According … Continue reading

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Do you suffer from math anxiety?

It’s certainly not news that Americans are bad at math. And it’s not too difficult to imagine the ways in which our math mistakes can cost us: under-calculating the total of a grocery cart before you hit the register, overtipping … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning your finances

I’m one of those strange people who actually enjoys cleaning out closets. There’s something about the process of taking everything out, throwing it into a pile, and then slowly going back through it and deciding what to keep and what … Continue reading

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Put the personal in personal finance

One of my favorite Money Rules is Money Rule #1: Personal finance is more personal than it is finance. I wish I could take credit for it — as I wrote in the book, it comes from financial planner Tim … Continue reading

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Love and money

I’m not going to pretend money is romantic. But many of the things you can do with money are romantic: The average person will spend close to $131 on Valentine’s Day, taking their loved one out to dinner, on a … Continue reading

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When to step in and takeover your parents finances

According to research from the Indiana University School of Medicine, about a quarter of people age 65 or older have at least slight cognitive impairment. For many adult children of this group, the stat brings up an important question: When … Continue reading

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