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When is your child ready for social? 10 questions to consider

As we celebrate Social Media week, I share one of the most common questions I receive from audiences on social: what is that magic age where you release your child into the social-sphere? I hate to break it to you, … Continue reading

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Birds of a beautiful feather

Do you like to bake? There’s a blog for that. Want to improve your marriage? There’s a blog for that. Gone are the days where a blog is just an open journal representing the voice of one lone writer. Nowadays … Continue reading

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Let’s Celebrate NCOD

So, what does October 11th mean to you? It has always had a positive meaning for me because it is my mother’s birthday. It also is a lovely time of year – Fall colors, football season, the crisp colors, Halloween … Continue reading

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The opportunity that swept me off my feet

I turned 25 this August and I decided it was going to be my year of new opportunities. I’m finally feeling settled in New York, I’ve significantly decreased the number of times I check subway routes, and I feel confident … Continue reading

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How siblings can work together to care for aging parents

For years, whenever I thought about the best way for siblings to handle the issues of older parents, I thought about my friend Toddi. She had two sisters with whom to share the load – one a doctor, one a … Continue reading

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ROI on College

We have three kids in college right now. Fortunately, we have saved diligently for this and two of three were fortunate enough to get scholarships that help bring down the price tag a bit. College is a big investment and … Continue reading

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What would it take to move you?

June 2013 was an amazing month of change with the ground breaking Supreme Court rulings, and I have gotten a few questions about how this huge change will impact our family. That chapter is yet to be written so for … Continue reading

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Stepping out of my comfort zone

Do you remember when you were young and a year seemed like an eternity? Time was not something I viewed as a precious commodity when my whole life lay ahead of me. As I have aged, however, time is becoming … Continue reading

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The bucket is half full

I found an interesting statistic from a study out of Virginia Tech that noted that 80% of Americans don’t have goals. Wow – I have goals but I do not have a bucket list, intentionally. What is the difference? I … Continue reading

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Put your debt on a diet

As the buzz of graduation season winds down, we’re left with the lingering “good lucks” of commencement speeches and that feeling of relief and optimism. However, even years later, it may not be the lightness of future promise that sticks … Continue reading

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