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Don’t overlook the value of your 401(k)

We know how 401(k)’s work. Money is pulled out of your paycheck before it ever lands in your bank account and, if you’re lucky, your company matches your contribution up to a certain percent and the money grows tax deferred … Continue reading

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Retirement Savings Options for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are often a little like new parents. They pour so much of their time, energy and love into caring for their progeny, they don’t take care of themselves. You see this in new moms and dads in… Continue reading

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401k Matching & Other Ways to Make a 401k Work for You

When accepting a new job, the benefits become the bonus points on the pro-list to remind ourselves the change is worth it. But bragging about the great 401k and matching program an employer offers only holds weight if we’re actually … Continue reading

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How do you feel about saving money?

The answer – it turns out – is completely dependent on how you read the question. If you took saving money to mean getting a deal, a discount, a screaming buy on a purchase, then you likely reacted positively. And … Continue reading

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America Saves Week – a little help with budgeting

If you have ever read one of my posts you know how I feel about following a budget. I believe in the concept, I can create a solid plan, but as soon as I see the limitations on my open … Continue reading

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Making 2014 a financial turning point

There is ample evidence to show that most New Year’s resolutions don’t make it past the beginning of February (one of the latest pieces of research, from Gold’s Gym, named February 7 the Fitness Cliff — that’s the day when … Continue reading

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Have you really thought about what your retirement will look like?

I have a friend I’ve spoken about her many times before. She gave up her life here in North Carolina to take a job up north, so she could start taking actual steps towards her retirement dream of a building … Continue reading

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Balancing other needs when there is a special needs child in the family

More than 20 million families in the US have at least one member who has special needs. Their daily lives can be especially draining – not to mention expensive. Lisa, whose son Will has autism, says that his school costs … Continue reading

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Taking action isn’t always easy

Did your mother ever say to you should do something because “It’s good for you.” I know I’ve said that on more than a few occasions to my three kids. Whether it was “Eat your vegetables,” “Get some exercise” or … Continue reading

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Cooking up your retirement plan

National Save for Retirement Week serves as a friendly reminder for each of us to look at our personal retirement goals and plan (like we need additional pressure than what Mom and Dad are already putting on us). As a … Continue reading

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