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When do you qualify for old?

When do qualify for old? Is it based on age or attitude? My age still rounds down to 50, I certainly don’t feel old. Yet I remember when my parents were 50 and they seemed ancient. I do believe that … Continue reading

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Financial moves when you have a child later in life

The new trend among would-be parents: Waiting. We’re putting children off longer than ever before. Women in the US are becoming first-time mothers at an average age of 25, four years older than we were in 1970. And it seems … Continue reading

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Balancing other needs when there is a special needs child in the family

More than 20 million families in the US have at least one member who has special needs. Their daily lives can be especially draining – not to mention expensive. Lisa, whose son Will has autism, says that his school costs … Continue reading

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Empty nest = what to do with all our free time

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned that my husband and I have more free time now that our kids are out of the house and we have an empty nest. We still have two in college so we need to be … Continue reading

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ROI on College

We have three kids in college right now. Fortunately, we have saved diligently for this and two of three were fortunate enough to get scholarships that help bring down the price tag a bit. College is a big investment and … Continue reading

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Costs of bringing up baby

The Wall Street Journal recently reported a decline – fairly steep by historical standards – in number of women having babies in the US. From 2007 to 2010 (the figures for 2011 aren’t quite cooked yet) the number of births… Continue reading

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Staying in touch

My youngest just started college. As we moved him into his new dorm, we walked past a long wall of mailboxes. I commented that getting mail when I was in college was a huge deal. Without cell phones, email or… Continue reading

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Empty nest

My husband and I have joined the ranks of the empty nesters. We’ve been hearing from friends about how great it would be and all the positives of having your kids leave home. What we didn’t hear as much about… Continue reading

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The financial surprises that can sneak up on your college bound child

One of the smartest things I’ve done consistently over the past decade or so is to surround myself with top-notch recent college grads. These folks have joined my small company as interns and reporting assistants. Some stick around long enough… Continue reading

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Do college majors matter?

The news this week was enough to make a parent – well, me at least – cringe. The Associated Press reported that more than half of college-educated young adults (defined as people under 25 with bachelors’ degrees) are unemployed or… Continue reading

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