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A few good financial lessons for children at every age

What do you think is the ideal age to start teaching your kids about money? If you’re thinking junior high or high school — and I’m sure many of you are — you may be late to the game. According … Continue reading

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In defense of credit card swipers

I’ll find any excuse to use my credit card. My smoothie in the morning, I’m carrying too much to fumble with bills. Cab to Penn Station, counting cash might make me miss my train. Dinner with friends, it’s easier and … Continue reading

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Don’t be a frenemy to your cash

When I graduated from college I was eager to enter the “real world” to start getting paid for the skills I had learned. When I got my first big-girl job in New York City, I finally had steady cash flowing … Continue reading

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Writing your life’s $tory

Once upon a time, there was an impressionable little girl, who soaked up information like a sponge. Every word spoken, small action, feeling or gesture became an imprinted memory thanks to family, friends and TV shows. The memories became patterns … Continue reading

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Have you ever cheated financially?

I just read an interesting article discussing financial infidelity. The poll done by creditcards.com said of the 67% of those that keep a financial secret from their spouse confessed it was a hidden credit card; 45% had a secret savings… Continue reading

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