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More people are afraid of investing in the stock market than they are of dying

Are you afraid of spiders? Clowns? Or maybe your fear is something you encounter regularly, like public speaking or using the elevator? Or perhaps, like the majority of respondents in a recent study, these frightening things pale in comparison to … Continue reading

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When to look fear in the face

Humans have an innate ability to focus on some things and ignore others for survival. This ability to compartmentalize can be both very healthy and not so healthy. In situations that strike fear in your soul, it can be healthy … Continue reading

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Your First To-Do: Let Go

If you’re like most women the first thing you do when sizing up a new goal you’d like to accomplish is to grab a pencil and start scribbling your To-Do List. But though it may seem counterintuitive, outlining your task… Continue reading

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When the Status Quo Isn’t Enough

Eleven years ago on New Year’s Eve I found myself on beach in Rio de Janeiro and in a quandary. It was a big deal that I was even in Brazil, since I grew up in Wisconsin in a family… Continue reading

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Financial paralysis

I have a dear friend that becomes paralyzed every time there is a decision to be made regarding money. She literally does not want to deal with decisions that need to be made or actions taken where money is involved…. Continue reading

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