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Storage Wars: Is it worth the price?

Storage Wars is a suspenseful reality TV show in which people blindly bid on the contents abandoned (or seized) in self-storage lockers in the hope of finding items of value inside. When the locker doors are finally cut open–the… Continue reading

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What is your time worth?

The folks at Kiplinger personal finance magazine put together a very helpful list called “How to wipe out 33 Pesky Fees.” I went through it on the web and thought it contained some helpful ideas. One suggested that “to avoid… Continue reading

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The financial surprises that can sneak up on your college bound child

One of the smartest things I’ve done consistently over the past decade or so is to surround myself with top-notch recent college grads. These folks have joined my small company as interns and reporting assistants. Some stick around long enough… Continue reading

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Finding a financial advisor

We have some great information on the Beyond Today blog about talking to a financial advisor – but what about finding one? Being financially savvy means more than investing your income; it means investing your time. And if you don’t… Continue reading

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Have a conversation with a financial advisor

Here are three reasons I believe in working with a financial advisor – an advisor who not just looks at your portfolio but at your life and all its financial-moving pieces. 42 percent of people who work with a financial… Continue reading

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