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Does money buy happiness?

Does money buy happiness? The research is mixed. One recent study says yes, happiness rises in a fairly straight line as the amount of money you have rises. Others (including one I conducted myself) say that once you have enough … Continue reading

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Do you need a bucket list?

Touching on the bucket list was one of the highlights of my discussion with Jan – I find these kinds of lists really fun and exciting. What’s better than dreaming about all of the things you want to accomplish, see … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Joneses

Perhaps it’s because the Demi Moore, David Duchovny flick, “The Joneses” is playing in a seamlessly endless loop on cable that a Wall Street Journal post entitled “Do Rich People Make Us Spend More, ” caught my eye. The movie,… Continue reading

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How Do I Know What I Really Want? One Simple Question to Ask Yourself.

Often we’re not tuned in to where our desires come from. We think, “I want a better job,” or “It’s time for a new house.” And, being women, we immediately make a to-do list and race off to make it… Continue reading

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