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A life lesson for just a dollar

Among the required skills that we have in life, I am convinced that one of those needs to be the ability to manage money – budgeting, saving, spending, and hopefully one day investing. And I believe that the earlier we … Continue reading

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When your wallet’s empty of the Holiday Spirit

As soon as department stores become a safety hazard and I can feel Jack Frost nipping at my nose, I know we have entered the most magical time of the year. It’s as if the Holiday Spirit awoke from its … Continue reading

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The table of (more than) plenty

Wasn’t it in Jack & the Beanstalk where the giant sat at a magic table that kept replenishing the food, even as he ate? As we enter this season of guests, parties, feasts, and gatherings (not to mention the voracious… Continue reading

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Holidays on a budget

If this holiday season has your head spinning faster than the Sugar Plum Fairy can pirouette, you’re not alone. Between the iPad 2, Kindle Fire and Wii Fit, toys seem more high-tech–and high-priced–than ever and many families are still reeling… Continue reading

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Holiday vacations don’t have to derail your fitness plan

I’m on a mission. A health mission. Now that I’m a member of the 40-40 club (as I like to call it), I’m more focused on my health. I want to prevent and/or delay the illnesses that have unfortunately made… Continue reading

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When more becomes less

If there’s a time of year when more becomes less, it’s now. Many of us add more and more to our busy schedules, on top of our regular day-to-day juggling acts. December often means piling on holiday cooking, decorating and… Continue reading

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The art of OURS: the naming milestone

When I married my husband, we formed a blended family and the “OURS” column in my life grew. It continues to grow. As an experiment, I googled “What is a blended family?” and 1,780,000 results popped up in .13 seconds…. Continue reading

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My 5-B 2010 holiday plan

My holidays begin with a Trick or Treat weekend. Every year I start with the best of intentions, but things soon spiral out of control. First, leftover candy finds its way into every crevice of my life — my desk,… Continue reading

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