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The best ways to save.

One unfortunate fact of our psychological make-up is that humans, by nature, aren’t exactly wired to save. Blame our caveman ancestors – we prioritize the here and now over the future. Why pass up a current opportunity in favor of … Continue reading

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The lightning round

Last month, I participated in a Twitter chat with the folks at mint.com. In a nutshell, we announced that I’d be answering financial questions – all in 140 characters or less of course – for a half hour. Then we… Continue reading

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America Saves week

I write a lot about saving in my blog and anyone who follows my posts knows this is a real passion of mine. So America Saves Week is right up my alley. The annual event, coordinated by America Saves and… Continue reading

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Complexity is no excuse for inaction

Have you ever procrastinated taking action on something because it just seemed too complex or outside of your comfort zone? I’m guessing most of us have at one time or another. Yet complexity should never be an excuse for not… Continue reading

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The ABCs of retirement planning

As Americans from coast-to-coast settle in for a new school year, it reminds me that we’re never too old to stop educating ourselves. That’s certainly true where our finances are concerned. That’s why we developed Beyond Today: to provide a… Continue reading

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Will Today’s Decisions Provide (or cost you) the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Investopedia refers to Opportunity Cost as the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action. Here’s an example. You purchase a pair of shoes for $60 on final clearance at a small boutique with a no-return policy. Later… Continue reading

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Younger Americans, 401(k)s, and retirement income

For Americans under 50, only about one-third will be able to rely on a pension to help fund their retirement, according to our Wells Fargo 2010 annual Retirement Fitness Study.1 This points to a significant generational shift away from employer-funded… Continue reading

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Increase your retirement savings

Now that you’ve freed up some cash, let’s talk about the most effective ways for you to save more. First on the list—particularly in this economy—has to be establishing a solid emergency cushion: six (for two income families) to nine… Continue reading

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Did you forget someone important this holiday season?

Despite making a list and checking it twice, I bet many of you still forgot to the most important person on your list this past holdiday season: YOU. The good news is that it’s not too late. Why not start… Continue reading

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Will you generate a personal retirement surplus or deficit?

The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) recently announced that the total aggregate national deficit in U.S. retirement income adequacy is an estimated $4.6 trillion (PDF). In layperson’s terms, that means Americans as a group are currently saving well below what… Continue reading

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