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Morphing to Meet Available Jobs

“If you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.” Folk-rocker Stephen Stills was of course writing about a long-distance romance in his 1970 classic. But as I was thinking about the job market, specifically … Continue reading

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Put your kids on an allowance

I’ll admit upfront that this is a polarizing topic. Some parents (about six in ten*) firmly believe in giving an allowance; others feel it’s unnecessary. I’m sure you can guess which camp I’m in (not-so-subtle hint: it’s the former). Why… Continue reading

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Delegation part 1: Providing clear directions

Imagine you are shipping something across the country – family heirlooms, a dining set, an old loveseat for your son, the recent college graduate. Now, imagine when the guy driving the truck arrives, you provide fuzzy directions – a town,… Continue reading

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Help your kids find work

Studies have shown that students can work while they’re in high school and college – to the tune of around 15 hours a week, which is about two weekend days and a few hours on Friday – without compromising their… Continue reading

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Women-owned businesses continue to create jobs in slow economy

I recently came across an article about the October 2010 White House Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference, sponsored by the White House Council on Women and Girls that states the following: Women-owned businesses are a critical part of America’s 21st century economy…. Continue reading

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