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How talking it out can help ourselves and each other

Talking about money is not the easiest thing in the world. Far from it. According to one recent survey conducted by LearnVest, a financial education website, couples have about 20 conversations about money a year – and about five fights. … Continue reading

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Playing to your own financial strengths

Who manages the finances at your house? You? Your spouse? Both? Neither? I remember when it dawned on me that – even in houses run by people who are more than financially astute, Wall Street types and business owners – … Continue reading

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Shop like a man

Women, at least according to recent statistics, are responsible for about 80 percent of household purchases. I love that we hold all this power in our hands. Designers and marketers of items big and small have taken notice and… Continue reading

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Crying in the workplace

Recently on the blog of the Harvard Business Review, writer Deborah Milstein weighed in on the controversial subject of crying. Not in your beer. At work. She cited the appearance of President Obama, shedding a few tears as he thanked… Continue reading

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Have you ever cheated financially?

I just read an interesting article discussing financial infidelity. The poll done by creditcards.com said of the 67% of those that keep a financial secret from their spouse confessed it was a hidden credit card; 45% had a secret savings… Continue reading

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