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No more jewelry on the bathroom sink

Every woman’s had it happen to her: the necklace forgotten on a hotel bureau; a favorite earring lost during a spectacular night of dancing; a ring perched on the edge of the bathroom sink for just one millisecond….and down the… Continue reading

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The right gift, at the right price

Folks: we’re entering the height of the gift-giving season. There are more events – weddings, graduation ceremonies, baby showers, etc. – in May, June and July than almost every other month combined. And whether you love to give gifts, or… Continue reading

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Vital documents map: A just-in-case guide to important information

After two-plus decades of marriage, Patrick and Nancy had household responsibilities down to a well-choreographed dance: Patrick managed the bills and investments, while Nancy handled the meals and kept the house in good repair. If Nancy didn’t cook dinner, Patrick… Continue reading

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Creating a roadmap for your heirs

It’s everyone’s least favorite subject: how to get your affairs in order. Unpleasant, I know, but important to discuss. Failing to keep your documents and accounts organized can cause significant problems for your heirs – and a lot of money… Continue reading

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Protect what matters most

Have you ever eyed the television news footage of a disaster area and wondered: If that ever happened to me, would the things I need most survive? And if they didn’t, would I even know what I would need to… Continue reading

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