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Should you be in business with your spouse?

I love my husband. He loves me (at least that’s what he says.) But the idea of working together is – I have to admit – more than a little daunting. I like that he has stories to tell… Continue reading

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Understanding the rules of the road

Isn’t it fascinating that all of us successfully completed our driver’s education class and a driving test, yet we all have widely varying versions of the “truth” related to driving etiquette? I had an opportunity to drive more than 2,000… Continue reading

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To blog or not to blog

To blog or not to blog – it really wasn’t a question. Since I have enjoyed ranting about Social Media and the impact of technologies on our business for more than a year, it is about time I plunge into… Continue reading

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Talk to your spouse or partner about retirement

I hope you and your spouse or partner talk about money on an ongoing basis. But I’d like you to have a conversation specifically about retirement. Why? Because I know plenty of couples that think they’re on the same page… Continue reading

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