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Are you aware of how retailers try to influence your shopping habits subconsciously?

As a savvy consumer, you know by now that stores are set up to cause you to spend more. You might avoid the inner aisle of the grocery store for this reason, or clamp your hand over your wallet as … Continue reading

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The search for the perfect handbag

A handbag is so much more than a convenient way to carry our daily essentials – a handbag symbolizes our age-old desire to contain and control our lives. In an over-stimulating world, the perfectly sized bag, containing exactly what you… Continue reading

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Generic is the new black

Recently, I walked – for the first time ever – into an Aldi grocery store. For those of you who’ve never been to an Aldi, let me explain. It’s much smaller than a traditional grocery store – only about 20,000… Continue reading

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