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Do top ten lists influence your buying decisions?

As an author, I know how important top-ten lists are. But you don’t have to be a writer to understand the relevance of these rankings — in fact, as a consumer, they’re just as important. If you’ve ever shopped on … Continue reading

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The Why Behind the Buy: Purchases We Regret

We all make purchases we regret. Exhibit A: Repeats of items we already have plenty of (our fifteenth pair of yoga pants). Exhibit B: Gadgets (large and small) that sit idle after a couple of uses (Cappuccino or photo scanner,… Continue reading

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Holidays on a budget

If this holiday season has your head spinning faster than the Sugar Plum Fairy can pirouette, you’re not alone. Between the iPad 2, Kindle Fire and Wii Fit, toys seem more high-tech–and high-priced–than ever and many families are still reeling… Continue reading

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