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When to look fear in the face

Humans have an innate ability to focus on some things and ignore others for survival. This ability to compartmentalize can be both very healthy and not so healthy. In situations that strike fear in your soul, it can be healthy … Continue reading

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How to deal financially when life is changing all around you

When you go through a major life change – a divorce or separation, the death of a spouse, a major move – it can feel like your finances are in a free fall. But often, getting your money in order, … Continue reading

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The gamble for freedom

I recently decided to take a career leap of faith in myself. In one month I will be forgoing my consistent monthly income, an amount of money I know how to stretch to cover both my expenses and the pleasures … Continue reading

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The opportunity that swept me off my feet

I turned 25 this August and I decided it was going to be my year of new opportunities. I’m finally feeling settled in New York, I’ve significantly decreased the number of times I check subway routes, and I feel confident … Continue reading

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The gifts of reinvention

During the holiday season, we’re encouraged (some might say required!) to participate in a circle of giving. We give gifts to family and friends and they, in return, give us gifts. I’ve found that while it is lots of fun… Continue reading

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Five lessons for launching your vision

Several weeks ago I appeared on Katie Couric’s new afternoon talk show. The topic was reinvention (of course!), and we played my new game ReinventionCards™: 52 Questions to Change Your Life with members of the studio audience. (It’s a… Continue reading

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Are you willing?

I had a brief conversation recently with a woman who, when she found out what I did for a living, told me she was interested in reinventing herself. It was clear she really wanted a new career, but when I… Continue reading

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What to do when you’re forced to reinvent yourself

Not knowing what adventures the day might bring is the blessing–and the curse!–of being an entrepreneur. So imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when an email from a reader alerted me that something was amiss on our website, and… Continue reading

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Four ways to keep your reinvention flame burning bright

When American swimmer Michael Phelps swam the final lap at the London Games, he already had lucrative endorsements that ensured his financial future. Most athletes, however, don’t have Michael–or Gabby–sized endorsements waiting for them after the flame’s been doused. According… Continue reading

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Putting passion into your retirement plan

The editor’s letter in this month’s issue of AARP magazine features Roy & Helen, a couple in their later decades (he’s 92, she’s “unlisted”). One of the wonderful aspects of their story is how they’ve pursued interesting and fulfilling post-retirement… Continue reading

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