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The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker: who are your go-to experts?

No woman is an island, and as we manage our crazy-busy lives, we all rely on other people to keep us in order and help us save money. In the village days of yore, those service providers were once… Continue reading

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Cold Cash: Organizing Your Fridge

According to a recent report by the National Resources Defense Council, the average American throws away about a pound of food a day – 33 pounds a month, 400 pounds a year. Add it all up? Over the course of… Continue reading

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What is the Price of Beauty? The Menace of Impulse Buys

It’s time for a beauty product intervention. People have aspired to look younger and live longer since the beginning of time. Greek historian Herodotus first wrote about the Fountain of Youth in the fifth century B.C., and Ponce De Leon… Continue reading

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Back to school (for parents of kids k-12)

The signs are all here: the air is getting crisper. Your kids are turning the calendar back to June, thinking you won’t notice. And of course, many T.V. commercials are gleefully announcing, “They’re going baaaaaack!” But unfortunately, with the economy… Continue reading

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Do an auto insurance audit

With gas prices soaring, it would help if you can save money on your car somehow, wouldn’t it? Tip 1: Think about when you really need to change the oil in your car. Many automotive professionals have increased the standard… Continue reading

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Make changes to get where you need to be

Last week you ran a retirement calculation … good for you! And unless you’re really unusual (I don’t mean special, of course you’re special, just unusual in a financial sense), it told you that you need to figure out a… Continue reading

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