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Are you aware of how retailers try to influence your shopping habits subconsciously?

As a savvy consumer, you know by now that stores are set up to cause you to spend more. You might avoid the inner aisle of the grocery store for this reason, or clamp your hand over your wallet as … Continue reading

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Small mindless spending adds up

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’ve probably already keyed into the fact that I’m a frequent reader of many of the blogs on the PsychologyToday.com site. They make me think – about myself, my family, my work… Continue reading

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Stop the high cost of holiday madness

Promises, promises, promises. Every year, you vow to control holiday expenses by getting things done early, yet inevitably end up doing the old 11th hour rite-of-season shuffle. You can’t believe you’re one of the people rushing to the mall… Continue reading

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What to do when shopping becomes a habit

There’s shopping we do when we need things: toothpaste, lightbulbs, new black pumps (because ours have had it). There’s shopping we do when we really, really want things: a new dress for an important event or counter tops to give… Continue reading

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