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Choosing guardians for your children

For any parent, choosing guardians is a struggle. You want to pick the right person for your children, of course. But weighing the pros and cons of select friends and family members isn’t pretty, and you also have to worry … Continue reading

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How do you plan for the possibility your child might not live an independent life?

As you heard in the video above, Lisa has a special needs child; her son Will, 11, has autism. We’re hearing more and more about autism these days, not just because celebrities like Toni Braxton and Jenny McCarthy are speaking … Continue reading

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A letter on the lessons of life

I recently discussed creating Trusts for my children so they would be taken care of if something happened to their dad or me. The process was very straightforward and presented us with some very tough questions to answer, which… Continue reading

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Understanding the rules of the road

Isn’t it fascinating that all of us successfully completed our driver’s education class and a driving test, yet we all have widely varying versions of the “truth” related to driving etiquette? I had an opportunity to drive more than 2,000… Continue reading

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