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Spring sweep

I’m always looking for ways to make my life a little more convenient and a little less messy. In fact, if anyone has some simple advice for: [1] stopping my Corgi  from shedding uncontrollably, and [2] keeping dog hair from… Continue reading

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Go green

Admittedly, my thoughts today were inspired by a gorgeous, teenage vampire who once said, “The wasting of finite resources is everyone’s business.” Like Edward Cullen , I’ve come to realize that environmental conservation is not just for unbathed hippies who have… Continue reading


Green gardens

Earlier this week, the abundant sunshine in my kitchen reminded me to check on my seedling trays (I decided to save costs by growing my own food…well, some of it). So, I moseyed over and squealed with delight. My little… Continue reading

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Pedal pushing

For the last few months, I’ve watched my savings account grow. I’ve been allocating a bit more than usual from each paycheck in anticipation of a big purchase: a bicycle. A bike has been on my “want to buy” list… Continue reading

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Live green, save green

Editor’s note: The Student LoanDown is thrilled to welcome back Caroline Hanson from family leave — and just in time for all the earth-friendly festivities happening this week! When I graduated from college 14 years ago, people weren’t all that… Continue reading


Go paperless for Earth Day

Since it’s Earth Day  today, I thought I’d share with you a new Wells Fargo initiative encouraging folks to “go green” with online only statements. It’s actually quite cool: To be automatically entered for a chance to win some green… Continue reading


Changing your banking ways

I’m a conflicted frump  (see definition #2). On the one hand, I’m kind of resistant to new things, especially when it comes to technology. But on the other hand, once a friend starts to sell me on it, I’m pretty… Continue reading

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Anyone for Green Rewards?

The other day as I was dropping off my daughter at her kindergarten class, I ran into my friend Dave’s family. I was surprised to see them all — mom, daughter, and son — riding their bikes to school! As… Continue reading

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