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Fund your way: Five scholarship search sites for college-bound students

If you’re a college-bound senior researching the cost of attending your school of choice, you are likely aware that the cost of attending college has gone up dramatically in the past decade, and there is no sign of reduction in … Continue reading

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Four tips to helping your students find scholarship money

Many students know that colleges costs are rising, yet, the benefits of a college education are important in many ways. As a school counselor, you play an important role in helping your students find opportunities to pay for college. You … Continue reading

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How to find scholarships and grants

Finding the money: jumpstart your search College can be really expensive. However, you may not know there is free money out there, waiting for you. You just have to know where to find it. Scholarships and grants are a good … Continue reading

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How to plan for college costs

Senior year is decision-making time for college-bound students. For many families, cost is a big part of that decision. As you and your student work through college choices, take some time to work through the cost details, so you’re certain … Continue reading

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Understanding college costs

Taking a look at college costs today is enough to give anyone sticker shock. Before you start to scramble figuring out how to pay the cost, remember that most students don’t pay the full advertised price for college. There are … Continue reading

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10 Hidden College Expenses

It’s no secret that college may require you to dig deep into your savings, but the importance of higher education is evident in today’s increasingly competitive job-market. To help you prepare for the various expenses that may not be quite … Continue reading

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Getting smart about award letters

At this time of year, your senior is probably anxiously awaiting award letters from the schools he or she applied to. While receiving an award letter is exciting, it’s important that to understand how to read and interpret these awards. … Continue reading

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Understanding your award letter

Soon you’ll be receiving award letters from your potential colleges. Make sure you review them carefully and understand the financial aid that’s being offered and what your final costs will be. It may be helpful to use an online comparison … Continue reading

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Make a plan and stick to it – your guide to saving for college

When you’re planning to pay for college, budgeting is a great way to take some of the stress out of the process and fill in the gaps that loans and scholarships can leave behind. Look into payment plans If tuition … Continue reading

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FAFSA Essentials: What Every Student Needs to Know

For Seniors preparing to apply for federal financial aid or Juniors just beginning their college search, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is one form nearly every college bound student will encounter. Completing the application may require tracking … Continue reading

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