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Registered to Vote?

When I was a kid, I would walk with my parents up the hill to vote in our neighbors’ garage. My parents would go to their separate cardboard booths and my sister and I would go over to miniature versions… Continue reading

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Lower your monthly student loan obligations

Folks, we’ve made it through another graduation season. The gowns and mortar boards are packed away, and now many graduates are focused on their finances during the first months out of college. Student loan repayment is just down the road…. Continue reading


The real cost of retail therapy

Have you ever been in your favorite store with a cool new pair of jeans, a new t-shirt, and a slew of other clothes in hand, ready to pay when the cashier says, “If you open a store credit card… Continue reading

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Spring sweep

I’m always looking for ways to make my life a little more convenient and a little less messy. In fact, if anyone has some simple advice for: [1] stopping my Corgi  from shedding uncontrollably, and [2] keeping dog hair from… Continue reading

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On being “average”

We all strive to be above average in some of the things we do. Scholars are hoping to surpass the average grades, athletes are striving for higher than average statistics, you get the picture. Yet we tend to settle on… Continue reading

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It’s Financial Literacy Month

Here at the Student LoanDown, we like to think that every month is financial literacy month. But this April, it actually is National Financial Literacy Month!  Time to brush up on your financial fundamentals! One of the personal finance bloggers… Continue reading


Fixing your credit

We all make mistakes, right? And whether your financial mistakes are minor (going $3.00 over budget for that fancy coffee) or major (defaulting on your student loans ), you must learn from your mistakes and you must take steps to correct… Continue reading

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Building your credit

Now that we’ve talked about the ways your credit is reported and scored, it’s time to delve into what you can do about your credit situation. First thing’s first. If you haven’t already done so, you need to assess your… Continue reading

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Introduction to credit

Editor’s note: We want to take some time to talk about one of your most important financial assets: your credit. Over the next few days, Barbara, Kathy, and our newest blogger Cheryl will be dissecting credit — why it’s important,… Continue reading


Internships, revisited

I caught a little heat from my boss after she read my last post on internships because I failed to mention that my job now actually sprung from an internship she granted me five (whoa!) years ago with Wells Fargo…. Continue reading

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