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Getting financially fit for freshman year

You may feel ready for the academic and social challenges of college—but are you ready for the financial end of things? If you’re feeling a little uncertain in that regard, you’ve got a couple weeks to shape up and get … Continue reading

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A friendly reminder about fraud

With the holidays upon us, you are probably doing more shopping than usual — both online and in stores. So, I just want to offer a friendly reminder to keep a close eye on all your bank accounts look for… Continue reading

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International money safety

In my last post, I addressed some of the different money options available for international travelers. And whether you’re "on holiday" or studying abroad, a little common sense goes a long way to keep your money safe when you’re in… Continue reading

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Cats in sinks and other Internet gems

I love the Internet. No matter what your interest, chances are there’s a website out there that covers it ! For example, I have two cats, Rocky and Boo, and I’m always amused by the funny things they do. It’s especially… Continue reading

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