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Home away from home

Leaving home for college is a big step, especially if you’re not exactly sure what to expect when you get on campus. Student housing comes in many different shapes and sizes, and even if you plan to live off campus, it’s important to prepare for life with new roommates and responsibilities. Here are a few things you can do to prepare:

  • Respect deadlines. Make sure to get your application for student housing to your college on time. If you miss the deadline, your options could be extremely limited.
  • Be honest. Many colleges pair roommates based on housing questionnaires, so you may not have much say your first year. But be honest about what you’re looking for, and chances are you’ll end up with someone who’s compatible. You can also use resources like Places for Students or Roomster to find other students in the area who might be looking for roommates.
  • Research your options. As a freshman, you may be required to live on campus in a residence hall. But take a look at other opportunities, especially for the next three years. Are you interested in joining a fraternity or sorority? Do you want to rent an apartment with some of your friends? Look into whatever you think might make the next few years memorable and comfortable.
  • Prepare for the situation. Is there a communal kitchen down the hall? Will you be sharing a bathroom with a lot of people? The more you know about your housing situation, the easier it will be for you to plan what you need, such as flip-flops for the shower or a case of Ramen noodles for those late-night study sessions.
  • Touch base with your roommate. If you can, have a conversation over the phone or by email with your future roommate or roommates. Now is a great time to decide who should bring a television or to let them know that you’ve got the mini fridge covered. Take the time to share your expectations about the coming year and to hear theirs.
  • Stay organized. No matter what your living situation is, you’ll be responsible for your space. Plan to stay on top of bill payments, any chores, and communicating with your roommate. Keeping your living environment as stress free as possible will contribute to a better experience at college.
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