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Teaming up to help your student tackle ACT/SAT tests

If your high school student is taking the ACT or SAT in the coming months, you can support them by helping them lay the groundwork. Students who get overly stressed may need a little more guidance to help them do their best. Following are some tips that may help:

Plan ahead. Visit the website for the SAT or the ACT with your student to determine which date is best to take the test. Have your student sign up, then plan ahead for that test date. They will need to set aside some time to study and do practice tests, so look together at their calendar for study times and plan those in. Remind your student to clear his or her schedule as much as possible in the days before the test. This will give your student a chance to go into the test relaxed and well-rested.

Talk strategy. If your student is taking an SAT or ACT preparatory course, they may cover test-taking strategies. Even so, it can’t hurt to reinforce those with your student in the weeks leading up to the test. Check out these key tips for the taking the ACT and the SAT and share them with your student.

Minimize stress. Taking these major tests may seem overwhelming. Your student has no doubt heard about them for years and knows it’s an important step toward getting into college.If your student seems to be particularly stressed about taking the test, try to help minimize the anxiety in the time leading up to test day.

Maximize rest and perspective. It’s important that your student is well-rested on test day. Discourage any last-minute cramming on the night before the test. Try to relax as a family and encourage your student to get a full night’s sleep. Help your student keep things in perspective with reminders to simply do the best job they can, and know they can try again if needed.

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