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Financial aid advice from the pros (part 1)

Last month following a post I wrote, we received this comment from Todd: “I just got my SAR back and it says thay my EFC is 09988 and that I don’t qualify for any federal aid, which I figured might… Continue reading

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If life were like the movies …

My sister and I used to adore the movie “Big .” I think it was the sole reason I learned how to play “Heart and Soul”  on the piano. Granted, it was with my fingers, not my feet, and I wasn’t… Continue reading

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My cellular meltdown

I’m $121.80 down. Did I get some new additions to my wardrobe? A new iPod? A whole bunch of TV on DVD? No, no, and no. I got a new cell phone . And it’s full of whozits and wandangles and… Continue reading

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Budgeting that loan money

$1,700. It was the biggest check I’d ever held in my life. And it was made out to me. It was what was left of my student loan money after my university tuition and expenses had been paid. And it… Continue reading


Get smart about credit

Who knew? October has many more “official days” than just Columbus Day, Bosses Day, and Halloween. For instance: October 2 is Name Your Car Day October 9 is Moldy Cheese Day October 12 is Moment of Frustration Day October 28… Continue reading


It slices, it dices, it grows interest when you aren’t watching

Student loans seem to be the thing that people treat like Ron Popeil’s Showtime™ Rotisserie —you know, “Set it and forget it.” Once your loan is disbursed, it’s likely that you don’t give it a second thought—until it comes time to… Continue reading

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I needed the money

Desperate for money, most college students are willing to do just about anything for extra cash. Of course, there are the standard waitressing, fast food, and retail jobs that keep most students going during the lean years. And then there… Continue reading

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What’s a degree worth?

In my line of work, one of the things I stress to would-be student loan borrowers is to determine what their degree will be worth  after they graduate. That is, what kind of earning power will you have—and will it… Continue reading

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Student loan or home equity financing?

That is the question. And a lot of parents are asking it. In fact, one parent—Nate—recently asked it on this blog: “So could you maybe tell me which way is the better way to go to finance my daughter’s college…. Continue reading


The Holy Grail

When I was deep in my college search a mere six years ago, I found something that I didn’t think existed anymore—unless your skills were in athletics, not academics. And much to my surprise, after applying and interviewing, I received… Continue reading

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