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Paying a little less for mistakes

We all make mistakes. But money mistakes come with a price. Recently Wells Fargo made a change to its overdraft charge policy that makes those mistakes a little easier to swallow! In the near future (the final date’s still TBD),… Continue reading

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My new gym

After a three-year relationship with my gym, it’s time for a switch. My new gym is in a closer location, has great classes and is significantly lower in cost. It’s in my basement, consists of my favorite exercise DVDs and… Continue reading

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The Student LoanDown x Dress Head Off The Shoulder Lace Top

The Student LoanDown x Dress Head Off The Shoulder Lace Top – Sexy Leopard Print Rawwr! The Student LoanDown x clothing is a lace top with a sexy leopard print. This lace top is tight to the bodice to … Continue reading

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Nine is my favorite percent

Staci is always saying she needs 15% more or less of something. Like when she can’t find the movie she wants through the Redbox, she needs 15% more of that movie in the Redbox. Or when Pie Elizabeth is being… Continue reading

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Stay on track during senior year

As a high school senior, you’ve got a busy year ahead of you. While you might be mentally ready to set things on “coast,” now is not the time for that! Besides keeping up your grades, you’ve got a bunch… Continue reading

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Who’s paying for what?

When it comes to your non-school expenses, who is paying them — you or your parents? As you head off to college this fall, it might be a good idea to talk it over with your parents and make sure… Continue reading

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A day in the life of a Student LoanDown blogger

Tomorrow will mark three years since we launched the Student LoanDown blog. It’s kind of crazy for me to think about! For three years, I’ve been sharing my own financial saga and helping readers understand theirs. To celebrate, I decided… Continue reading

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What’s your splurge item?

Have you heard? The recession could be drawing to a close!  I’m cautiously optimistic that our economy is rebounding. So are my brother and sister-in-law, who just purchased a new car through the “Cash for Clunkers” program.  Although I’m not… Continue reading

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